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Bmore Manning

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I think he's hands down the best value back in the draft. Bell will be available potentially towards our pick in the second to third round. Anyone who watches the tape knows what an absolute stud he is. Sure if Lattimore is healthy he's a great back, but Bell is right there with him. He's able to do everything, with the occasional ability to hit a homerun. Not cause he has blazing speed, but because he is fast enough and sets up his blocks.

I mocked him to us in my original offseason plan and Req and I have continued pimping him ever since. He referred to him as Michael Bush, I referred to him as Jonathan Stewart. He's somewhere in the middle between the two and that's a good thing. He's surprisingly quick and plays that way. Alfred Morris ran in the 4.6 range, nearly a 4.7 but he's certainly not thought of as slow now is he?

If you watch the tape you see the talent of this kid, I'm just glad in an article I read about him we had interest in him. As I think 40 time gets way over blown and he may drop all the way to our fourth round pick!
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