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Is Gaffney a middle aged, mentally unbalanced, failed historian?? Apparently so.

Inside the minds of the birthers and other conspiracy theorists
By Jonathan Kay,April 29, 2011

................What distinguishes them from the rest of us isn’t a big bankroll or a particular political persuasion — it’s a twisted relationship with reality. Conspiracy theorists retreat into fantasy worlds, bending fact and history to meet their psychological needs and emotional motivations. Here’s a taxonomy of true fake believers:
2. Failed Historians (Gaffney in spades )

All ideologues — from Marxists to tea party activists, Islamists to radical Zionists — shoehorn history into preconceived templates, developing triumphalist story lines that will eventually lead to the victory of a chosen group and the vanquishing of an enemy. When history doesn’t cooperate, explanations become necessary. For Failed Historians, conspiracy theories supply those explanations.
3. The Mentally Unbalanced

Are all conspiracy theorists unhinged? Certainly not. Modern conspiracy movements are usually collaborative enterprises that take root on the Internet, and mentally ill people often struggle with sustained collaborations of any kind. But are some conspiracists troubled? You bet.

In my research, I met a sad fellow who pops up at events such as the We Demand Transparency conspiracy conference in New York City in 2009. He says he was a limousine driver who ferried the Sept. 11 hijackers on reconnaissance trips in and out of New York.
4. The Midlife Crisis Case

There’s no polite way to say this: Many conspiracy theorists I met were paunchy 40- and 50-something men facing disappointment in their personal lives. In interviews, it seemed clear that they were struggling with midlife crises and trying to reinvent themselves for a new audience.

Consider Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist Richard Gage, (Gaffney's idol and BFF ) an architect who abandoned his business to roam the world preaching the notion that “controlled demolition” brought down the twin towers. “I’ve never been happier,” he told me in 2009. “I feel blessed, in fact. This is my destiny, my mission. I’ve lost my career. I’ve lost my marriage. I’ve lost my house. But I’m working with patriots, spreading the truth about what’s happened to their country. What more could I ask?”

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