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I think the broncos are trying to get another shutdown corner for the next 7 years after champ retires...I think this is a long term move, but hampers them in the short term. It's also important to realize that revis will be 28 this season, 3 years older than champ was when we traded for him, plus revis is coming off a serious knee injury and won't be 100% til nearly mid season.

I feel like instead of spending the 15 million a year for (revis) and 25 mill a year overall just for the two starting cornerbacks is a bit much. I'd rather see them pick up a guy like ed reed or charles woodson and have them play the big nickel for the next two or three years while the team develops draft picks. And you could sign those guys for 4-5 million a year, and have 10 million of revis money to spend on a d-tackle or something.

Revis seems like a win later move, rather than a win now move.
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