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He won't get traded. The Jets can't justify trading the guy who is seen as their best player after the franchise had such a bad year, as it stands the faith of many of the gangrenous fans of the New Jersey Turnpike are unhappy with Sanchez et al., going into full rebuilding mode now without any prospects of replacing Revis with a can't miss prospect is just not an option.

Look at the Manning contract, it had build in safety clauses to allow the Broncos to pull the plug several times during the contract and when he was signed he had been in for several medicals - Revis will not be ready to take medical tests for a long time and there is no point trading him after the draft.

Revis has shown he is all about the money, would he accept a deal without a ton of money up front?

The Jets could only try to justify trading Revis of the spoils were enormous, much bigger than what San Fran got for Smith - and I doubt any team will be offering up more than the top pick in the 2nd round and a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year.
The Jets would be stupid to pass up a 1st rounder and Doom if that is the offer. In a 3-4 defense Doom had 17 sacks.
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