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You clowns are functionally illiterate.

Maybe if I shove the facts up under your nose you'll catch a whiff ---

Here is a piece by a man who knows of what he speaks. Ignatius himself has long time CIA connections.

Notice it ran the day before the 9/11 commemoration. Curious aye?

Also curious that Obama's envoy to Egypt before Mubarak fell -- when it looked like he might survive -- was Frank Wisner Jr, son of the infamous CIA operative who helped set up Operation Gladio in Europe in the 1950s.


The covert commander in chief

By David Ignatius,September 10, 2011

It’s an interesting anomaly of Barack Obama’s presidency that this liberal Democrat, known before the 2008 election for his antiwar views, has been so comfortable running America’s secret wars.

Obama’s leadership style — and the continuity of his national security policies with those of his predecessor, George W. Bush — has left friends and foes scratching their heads. What has become of the “change we can believe in” style he showed as a candidate? The answer may be that he has disappeared into the secret world of the post-Sept. 11 presidency.

for the rest...

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