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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It's a shame his onfield performance was completely undercut by one of the most laughable combine appearances of all time.

Phyiscally weaker than NFL DBs?

Slower than guys 50 lbs bigger than him?

Yes to all!
He obviously didn't train for the combine. WAY too much emphasis being placed on combine numbers by Mayock and others.

Moore had 85 tackles, 21 TFL's, and 12.5 sacks as a 20 year old Jr. in the SEC. He had an equally impressive Sophomore year at age 19. The dude has an impressive array of moves and is a flat out baller.

Compare him to Ansah. How old is Ziggy? 24? 25? Margus Hunt? 25? 26? Pitting 25 year olds against 18 and 19 year olds isn't even fair. It's like putting Kevin Durant back at Texas for a year.
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