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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
doing things that jeopordize public safety first is all politics. Whats next throw preschoolers out of school on tv? Why not just get with Congress and make a reasonable compromise that doesn't involve another tax raise.
Say you have a bill that 100% of congress wants to pass. Everybody loves it. But 99% of the problems trying to get bi-partisan bills passed is almost always because somebody has to start attaching other things on it. Then somebody doesn't like it now, and they want to add a thing or 2 and the next thing you know, that 1 bill that everybody loved now has 20 items attached to it and has no chance of passing. Why do these politicians do that. I mean, if everybody liked the bill, what's the problem. Well, they don't always want the bill to pass, even if they like it. That would mean something good happened and our politicians are all about tearing one another down, not helping one another and working together. Not anymore.
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