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Quentin Jammer

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Sure, chum.

You're right, I'm wrong.

You would go to a midnight show, which you were excited to see (who goes to a midnight show just for ****s, right?), but you would only pay just enough attention to the movie so that just in case a guy with a gun came in you could allow your 30 year old combat training to take over, the training which you've provided yourself in the intervening 30 years has not only provided you with the ability to aim at a target, washed out by the light of a movie screen in a nearly pitch black room, that is firing at you while your eyes and sinuses are out of commission due to tear gas. Meanwhile, your 30 year old training (and paintball!) would also keep you from accidentally shooting one of the many panicking people moving across your line of vision, and you would take out a shooter who has you outgunned.

You're absolutely right. You're so awesome. How much do you charge for private security? The secret service could use someone as vigilant, skillful and just all around awesome as you are.

What a fool.
If I'm in that theater at that time, I'd much rather be in it with errand, who's packin and has 30 year old training experience. Even if errand is full of **** in regards to his experience, if he is a good guy and he is packin I like my chances relying on him more than running out of the theater unarmed with no way to protect myself and no one there to help me, running out of there hoping Holmes doesn't target me and pull the trigger.

Even if he doesn't stop the guy, the odds are a bit more favorable for the victims and potential victims. It gives them a chance.

Let me ask you this hypothetical. Say you are forced to go into a situation like the theater massacre. You are gonna be there, there's no way of getting out of that situation. Are you going to go into that situation like a sheep being led to slaughter, unarmed, hoping you somehow get out of there alive? Or are you going to arm yourself, giving yourself a chance to get yourself and others out of that situation alive? Even if the odds aren't in your favor, with the teargas and bulletproof vest, and mass confusion going on?

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