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they don't need to screw with the lineup that was successful last year...just add a couple pieces. The one thing they can't afford is putting manning in harm's way
EXACTLY!!!!! Denver has a lot of draft picks on the roster. Lets see what Irving, S. Johnson, Siliga, Q, Carter, Moore, Unrein, Beal, J. Johnson, Fannin, Blake, Bolden, T, Carter, Davis, Green, Hunter, Jackson.

These players are all you and all of them could really step up and help this team at a very low cap number. I hope Denver does not overpay for Revis or anyone else that will cost draft picks.

They need to find people they like in the draft and go from there. If they do not think they can get a WR where they want him, go after Welker, If you are worried about drafting a MLB too high go after Ellerbe. But don't give up draft picks and salary cap space for any player.
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