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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Exactly. Which is why training from 30 years ago is even less relevant than video game playing from 20 years ago.
again you don't know what you're talking about..... when a mistake can cost you your life you take the training much more serious and you keep on training as long as you believe you might need those skills to survive in this world. I still train that way..... I never joke when it comes to using my weapons. I treat every gun as if it is a loaded gun. is a culture a liberal like you could never understand.

I go to the gun range to work on my accuracy.... I've played paintball to work on my tactics, cover, concealment and stealth..... my friends and I even went to a little live fire night zombie (pop up targets) shoot.

again what you don't realize is the mentality of people like myself we take our guns and our training very serious because we know we cannot hit the reset button if we screw up...... I guarantee you we take it a lot more serious than you do playing video games

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