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Fed can you accept reality that only 400 people get killed by rifles. And probably only a small % of those are assault style platforms. So they are more deadly does that in itself mean it needs legislation?

Certianly you agree that the fact more people get beat to death then die from rifles means this really isn't that big of a problem right? If you are going to argue 400 rifle deaths enough for the govt to start legislating on then I think you are reaching big time just to try and win the argument.

Peoples points are just that its easy to kill unarmed people with a gun. Doesn't matter if its a handgun or a rifle. My point handguns are the most deadly is based on the facts. Rate of fire, platfrom this pales in comparison to ABLE TO HIDE IN YOUR WAISTTBAND.

The only way to make us safer is harsher penalties for felons caught with weapons.
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