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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Fed is easy to figure out just listen. he is saying he feels an ar-15 has a combination of attributes that makes it more deadly in someones hands then say a larger more powerfull weapon, that would have more recoil.
More correctly: the class of weapons we call "assault rifles" use rounds and a platoform (rifle) that enable unmatched -- among currently legal weapons -- rate of (controllable) fire + lethality.

I also dont get why he is making that point though because he doesn't tie it in to how it should affect gun control.
Like I said, I'm just trying to see how many of you folks can actually accept reality. Most folks can't/won't admit that an "assault rifle" like the AR-15 (but certainly not limited to that one model) is more deadly than a semi-automatic pistol, because they are "both semi-auto!, yuk yuk". Dozens of threads just here on the mane have people claiming that. It's ridiculous and that as well as lots of other idiocy (e.g. Beavis thinking that calibre was the definitive determinant of a weapons power/lethality) betrays a stunning level of ignorance about the topic at hand.

How can you have a reasonable conversation about what/if something should be done until all the participants are reasonably well informed about the topic?
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