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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
So when closing tax loop holes become a bad thing? People hitched about "pork" projects; but tax loopholes are far more of an issue unless you in the pocket of the special interests
You're saying that 85 billion is such a huge number no way we can inspect meat? Cmon get real. This is just the govt trying to punish us for syaing we wan't cuts.

In CA when this happened they threatened to close state parks. Then some watchdog group found millions in money the state was sitting on. Guess where money was from? Yeah the state parks were hiding it, not accounting it, in fear of having budget reduced.

Its smart to see if we can get govt and military to tighten belt. Sure they will go down kicking and fighting but these cuts aren't even that much and have been blown way way out of porportion.

most liberals on the board were for way more then a 13% reduction in military spending.
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