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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You have not shown jack ****.

Nor have you explained how Dan Govatos somehow got it wrong. Plenty of commercial pilots agree with him.

Here is another one.

I don't know who Dan is, I don't don't need to explain why he can't or doesn't know how to fly. I know actual pilots, they have all said that I could do it. If I can, I guarantee any terrorists can as well. And well, we saw them do it.

So we have some high powered microwave weapon, Bombs, Nanites, and an underground implosion, superior siesmic activity caused by super bombs. These are all things you have said in regards to 9/11.

We are supposed to believe all this crap happened and that all that stuff was used like you said it was, instead of some people taking over a plane and flying it into a building?

Do you ever read what you type out.
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