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Drek, same questions as DrunkyMonkey .... sports and news, NFL Network, MSNBC, etc. ?? As you know, Roku offers a long list of news channels, Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC News, MSNBC, etc ... but it's a hodgepodge of patchwork content. Everything's a day or two or a week old, some shows are even audio only.

Our setup sounds identical to yours, Roku XS with Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video free with Prime (though HD versions still cost us extra). I'm okay with networks delaying first-run TV shows, they usually release them for streaming after midnight the night they air. But news just doesn't work well for me, I need it live.

Anybody interested In Internet TV, note most of the Netflix catalog is still available by mail only. And by "most" I mean when I checked my Top 10 or so favorite films, zero. Not a single one available.

Hulu Plus has virtually no movies, but the sheer volume of it's TV content is staggering. Example: you can watch every SNL ever. starting with the George Carlin premiere. CBS finally signed on with Hulu last month, so now they have all 4 broadcast networks. There's such a massive quantities of programming, Hulu slices and dices them into over 100 different channel groupings to make them easier to find (navigation can be a problem), like the 'Stephen J. Cannel Channel.'

Downsides to Internet TV: In addition to no live programming, hence no worthwhile news or sports, the DVR problem nags me. So easy with cable or satellite, a HUGE plus. Can't really use a DVR with this, you could but the hassles would kill it.

Couple things if you're shopping for a box: 1) Virtually every TV manufactured today has the functions of Roku-type boxes built-in, been that way the past couple years, and 2) Because of an ongoing (and ongoing) technical dispute with Google, Roku boxes still does not carry YouTube's Channel.

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