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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
He is an athlete. Not a football player.
How can you determine that when he's only played football for about four years now? Hunt has made some pretty big strides each season, showing a lot of potential to develop the necessary skills.

He's one of the most interesting guys in this draft. I'm betting he's a lock for the first round at this point, and he should send JJ Watt 10% commission for that fact. Watts' stellar season will make teams salivate over Hunt's potential to be that same kind of disruptive 3-4 DE. Those kinds of players are incredibly rare and rolling the dice on someone with that kind of potential in the first is a risk you can't be afraid to take.

I think San Fran is actually a very likely landing spot for him too, now that they have the #33 pick via the Alex Smith trade. I could also see Indy or Green Bay jumping on him with their first rounders as well. His interviews will determine his draft status. If he convinces teams he's highly motivated and about to turn the corner mentally he'll go off the board early.
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