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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Question: Did Joe Flacco just have the greatest contract year of all-time in any sport?
I don't know if I would say he had the best athletic performance in a contract year, but the other factors that went along with it made it a very favorable contract year. The Ravens are losing the face of thier franchise this year, along with two other possible hall of fame players. The team is in a state of transition coming off a super win. There is a lot of pressure on the management to maintain whatever stability they can on the roster. Add in the MVP and you have the perfect storm for the kind of money Flacco was able to demand.

That having been said, and while I don't think Flacco is good enough to justify that kind of money, this is not a contract based off a single game, or years performance. What I wonder is how much money the Broncos would be willing to spend on a 28 year old quarterback who has won a playoff game in every one of the 5 seasons since he started in the league as a rookie, won a superbowl, and is a career 9-4 in post season play.
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