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Bmore Manning

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That's so cool, thank you for sharing!

Peyton will do such incredible things, visit our service men and women, visit hospitals, fund medical facilities and has one built in his name, visit victims of natural disasters. Soon as he became a Bronco he visited the victims of the wild fires.

While he didn't do a cheap restructure, and trust me I wish Peyton would play for the veteran minimum, he is still an incredible person and team mate. Because of his importance in the NFL as an icon and in the NFL Players Union, he probably feels its his duty to accept larger contracts so the players who are due when there contract is up (Flacco, Rodgers, Ryan.. etc) get fair market value and not drive the price down. While that may seem greedy, Peyton feels a sense of responsibility to his fellow players. He has accepted less, Irsay was the driving force behind making Peyton the highest paid player, Peyton said I want you to put pieces around me.
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