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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Just this week the cap Jumped from $120.6 Mill Up to $123Mill, that gives us $2.4 mill to play with. We can still redo or cut DJ's number and move him to Mike or the street and save another $5.3mill even if DJ still gets $13 Mil guarenteed.

Then there is the $3.8ish Mill that we could free up by letting KM go or trade. Hell I wouldn't mind seeing McGahee hit the door at the same time as KM saving us another $5mill if you count his cap number as both the Salary and the bonus.

We could have over $10 mill addressed if we cut or redid the contracts of those 3 underacheivers. We would then need to get a guy Like Steve Jackson at RB, draft another later round stud RB, draft a MLB to give competition to Stevie Johnson and Nate Irving, or even DJ. Then maybe go after Revis Hard and if he costs too much go after Woodson (then consider kicking Adams to the curb early and getting his $4mil ($2mil guaranteed and $2mill base off the books) and drafting a young guy to learn behind Woodson for a year.
Your numbers are off on a large part of that, case in point releasing Moreno would only save $1.7M on the cap and DJ restructured so we don't really know what his cap number might be.

We do have plenty of people we can cut to free up more space, sure, but if we retain our guys that we actually want (Vickerson, Harris, Carter, Colquitt) we're going to need those cuts to have any substantial breathing room at all.

The Broncos aren't in bad shape or looking at cap hell, I'm not suggesting that. The team can definitely make some moves. But this team isn't going to have a ton of cap room either and going after the big name guys will really tie their hands at filling other holes.

We'll be in the lower end of the middle of the pack in free money to spend. The FO can go for one or two magic bullet solutions and hope to fix everything else through the draft and our in-house players getting better. Or the FO can spread that money around, targeting multiple young players and trying to hit on who's ready to break out and who isn't, addressing every problem but none with a definitive upgrade.

The best path all depends on how badly you think we need solutions at:

If you think all of those need upgrades we won't get it done with name players. If you think that C, S, and #3WR are acceptable as-is then we can go for two name players and a first round selection to answer the other three (just an example, could be that some view MLB, S, and RB as the problem positions, not CB, or any other permutation).
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