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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
If you had kept up with previous FA discussions you would instead have remembered that all the doom and gloom via or cap number comes AFTER we tag/sign Clady. This just locked up about half of our cap space in a single move. More will be freed in cuts, maybe some restructures, but the point still remains that this team can't spend like drunken sailors. If they keep Clady they likely have one maybe two name players at best they can afford to sign. Picking the young mid-tier types ready to break out is the more necessary method to fill at least a few holes.
Just this week the cap Jumped from $120.6 Mill Up to $123Mill, that gives us $2.4 mill to play with. We can still redo or cut DJ's number and move him to Mike or the street and save another $5.3mill even if DJ still gets $13 Mil guarenteed.

Then there is the $3.8ish Mill that we could free up by letting KM go or trade. Hell I wouldn't mind seeing McGahee hit the door at the same time as KM saving us another $5mill if you count his cap number as both the Salary and the bonus.

We could have over $10 mill addressed if we cut or redid the contracts of those 3 underacheivers. We would then need to get a guy Like Steve Jackson at RB, draft another later round stud RB, draft a MLB to give competition to Stevie Johnson and Nate Irving, or even DJ. Then maybe go after Revis Hard and if he costs too much go after Woodson (then consider kicking Adams to the curb early and getting his $4mil ($2mil guaranteed and $2mill base off the books) and drafting a young guy to learn behind Woodson for a year.

So to recap,

Restructure DJ and make him play MIKE in 2013 for Vet Min

Trade or let go of McGahee and KM saving about $8.8 which we could use to go after Jackson at RB, keeping Hillman, and Ball and Hopefully the one cut positive yards of JJ who is on the PS. and draft a later round big bodied RB who has vision, can cut and finishes runs by dishing out pain.

Next with the money saved and added to the cap I would go hard after Revis and try to land him to play opposite Champ. Play Harris at Big nickle or switch with Champ or Revis depending on who we are playing for big nickle. We could even consider asking Harris to bulk up and play Safety as Carter is a very good man CB. I would draft another CB or Safety depending on if we get Revis or not.

We could also try to get Albert from kFc and play him at the right side, he would be on the team and able to step in at LT if Clady needs time to get back 100%. Maybe there is a draft pick that is just as good or better we can get cheaper than Albert who can do what we need done. either way we need to get more depth on the OL.

Then all we need to do in the draft is go BPA as they fall, looking for a MLB if one is there, WR to compete against Willis, a Lower round RB who can run between the tackles and protect the ball with the game on the line. And then Look at a DT or even C or G, depending on if they want to move Kuper over to C. If we got a good FA like Albert we could play him at RT and move Franklin inside. Beadles has proved to be an All pro pullling guard in the probowl this year.

I would love to see that happen. Sadly I fear I am dreaming because just before I wrote this I took a handfull of goofballs, nerve, and sleep meds and I am feeling no pain right now. It is getting harder and harder to type...
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