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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Typical Gaffney, never researches sources, just post any crap that smells like a conspiracy. Gaffney, you're taking your idiocy to new heights.

From the same link, same author.....a right wing, family values Bush apologist.

Is this why the libs hate BUSH?

by admin on April 30, 2010

President Bush’s Accomplishments

Spotted at and reprinted here for your pleasure. I encourage people who support Bush to learn how effective our President has been, and liberals ought to browse this too. Just remember, the liberal media can’t cover up the truth of his accomplishments. The Bush Administration 2001-2004

. Gaffney the Teabagger's dupe.
Me a dupe?

Oh so typical of you clowns. One knee jerk after another.

You guys are tripping over one another - embarrassing yourselves.

This is Wayne Madsen's research. The sources are in his book. It's not speculation about BIC. It's a CIA front and has been from the get go.

Other records have also been sealed -- those of Obama's grandmother and those of his father.

Even the fishy appointment of Tim Geithner makes sense given that Obama's mother worked for Tim's daddy Peter Geithner.

What we know suggests that Barrack's persona was fabricated. He is a media creation. Like Chris Hedges said -- they sold Obama like a brand.


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