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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
It's way too steep of a price for a guy with a shoulder injury... it pretty much locks Clady in with the Broncos. I really like Clady, he's a great LT and a good guy too. That being said, the Broncos have tried to work with him on a contract that paid him top 3 money but he basically said no. Now the Broncos can tag him and let him do the work on finding a better deal. If the Broncos like it, they match it. If the Broncos don't like it they get two first round picks.

One reason I kind of got tired of Shanahan is that he almost never used the franchise tag, at least that I can remember (I could be wrong, if someone remembers otherwise please cite the example). I'm glad Elway is using this leverage.
Using the franchise tag is not good thing, it screws with the cap space and limits a team ability to sign other players.
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