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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
It's okay folks, cut's got this.

Those little children died for your rights, correct? Let's hear it again, say it with me: "Those little children dying is a small price to pay for my right to own an assault rifle."

Tree of liberty, fertilized, know the rest.
I just feel that when only 400 Americans get killed by rifles a yr that we should be concentrating on other things to save more kids lives. I realize a kid getting shot is provocative and one just drowning in a pool not so much. You don't see national news covering kids drowning. But its way more of a threat to young kids then rifles.

i agree with you handguns need some work. The problem with handguns is they are the weapon of choice among felons. Thats why rifles just really not an issue. Sure a few times a yr someone will snap with them. Once a decade some police dept gets in a shootout like the Hollywood one a few yrs back. Hell maybe even twice a decade but still not enough where legislation can help.

You just can't legislate 400 people getting shot with rifles. Its such a small number there isn't much to work with people. Hell the number is so low you could ban all rifles and still maybe have 400 deaths from them.

Lets push govt to legislate in areas that really need attention.
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