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Originally Posted by Crushisback View Post
I like the idea of signing Woodson way more than trading for Revis. I don't see how Revis helps us beat the Patriots. Woodson on the other hand would be a perfect matchup in a Big Nickel to matchup against thier tight ends. As for the Ravens, who know if Revis could run with Torrey Smith after his surgery.

My plan:

Sign S. Jackson
Sign Woodson
Sign a mid level DT (or re-sign Vickerson)
Draft BA DL, Slot WR, and Interior OL in Rounds 1,2 and 3.
Fill in the rest with remaining picks and value FA's
Down for this.

Barrett Jones for OL but that's secondary to the obvious superiority of this plan to Operation Blow Way Too Much on Malcontented Flava Clown Cornerback.
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