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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Guess we will find out in about 2 week dude!

Vanden Bosh signed a 4 year deal 26 mil 4 years ago. I am way positive Freeney will average 6 mil per year minimum. Will he get to last the duration of the contract he signs? Well that's up to his performance. But on name and accolades alone, he won't sign for anything less than the better DE have gotten on the open market the last few seasons.
4 years ago KVB was 29/30 years old not 33 years old like Freeney.

That doesn't mean he will see that money just like JA. 3 year 3 million in bonus money is what JA got and I expect Freeney will be close to that. If he gets more he just raped that team.
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