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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
I'm not going to trade up for him. I just want too.

DT is not a truly important position for the Broncos. They were looking at some fatboys earlier who will be available in rounds 4 or later. Plus DT is a hard position to learn the first year. I'd rather they sign some FAs.
I agree with DT being hard to learn, but this is the class to get them. They should double dip on DT's in this draft, its LB that is a serious Question outside the top guys. Personally, I think the pass rush this year is the worst coming out in years, but the beef is pretty damn special.

You got a CB and WR I think will impact right away, now get a player who can help on the back end or front of the defense IMHO. RB's can also be had in 4-6 this year, and they all look alike skillset wise. My favorite will probably fall to me in the fifth round at RB IMHO.
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