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Default Obama: Manchurian candidate?

Is Obama a CIA creation?

The evidence amassed by former NSA officer Wayne Madsen in his new book about Obama suggests that the answer is yes.

Why, for instance...

Did Obama refuse to mention in his book that, after college, he worked at the Business International Corporation, which has been closely associated with the CIA since BIC was founded in 1954?

Why have Obama's transcripts at Occidental University and Columbia U been sealed?

Why did his mother's passport records disappear?

Why are there so many holes in his personal history?

There are many unanswered questions about Obama, and Madsen does a great job exploring them. There is little doubt that Obama's mother worked for the CIA in Indonesia and Pakistan. Her cover was anthropology -- but we know the CIA used field anthropologists to gather intelligence, for example, the names of alleged communists, who were then liquidated.

Obama's mother traveled all over Java -- during the period when tens of thousands of Indonesians were being murdered by the dictator Gen Suharto -- after the CIA backed overthrow of Sukarno in 1965.

Obama's Indonesian step dad was an officer in Suharto's counter insurgency campaign. In plain English, his step dad was an assassin.

For the full story check out Madsen's riveting book:

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