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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Hard for me to imagine that being the case.

Eiffert should be gone to the Rams, Bears, or Packers before us. Ertz won't be the best available player by a long shot.

Patterson and Allen will be gone at WR. That leaves Hopkins, Woods, Hunter, Williams, and Austin. None of which appear to be of extreme value in late round 1, but could be options I suppose. I just don't see much difference between they and WRs like Patton, Swope, Bailey, and Wheaton that could be available in the late 2nd. Austin is unique, but much of his value is redundant with what Holliday gives us.

If we're talking pure BPA, you're probably looking at Tank Carradine, Datone Jones, and Damontre Moore. We could look in that direction to build pass rush depth, but it's not likely.

I think for us, it will come down to a MIKE LB, (I don't buy for a second that our future MIKE is Irving or Johnson), a Box Safety (though first round is a long shot since Adams has another year of starting), a RB (Lacy is everything Fox wants), and DT (we've been interviewing every giant Nose Tackle we can find, makes sense we'd be interested in Jenkins or Hankins).

I mean, I view our options as: Te'o, Minter, Lacy, Jenkins, Hankins, Elam, Reid, Cyprien, and Amerson. With heavy odds on Minter or Lacy.
Theres absolutely no reason to ever take an in the box safety in round 1.
Ever. If the safety in question cant do it all, then he isnt going in round 1.
Damontre Moore is useless to DEN and is in a current freefall.
I can bench press 12 reps at 225 without warming up. Thats pathetic and word on the street is theres clearly something physically wrong with him.
Datone Jones or Tank Carradine!?!??! MUG C'mon man.
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