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Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
Like the guy mentioned in the month old link, He thinks a 1st and 3rd would work... His thought is that Denver is looking at a CB in the first round, If that is the case, We are really only going to give up an extra 3rd since #1 would go to a get a rookie in the 1st. Is there any rookie CB that will be nearly as good as Revis? HELL NO, So if we are looking at a CB in round one, I would rather toss in a 3rd and get the proven NFL caliber talent.

Make it happen John!
1st and a 3rd would hurt but I don't ever sweat stuff like this. Getting good players on the team is all that matters regardless of position IMO. Bailey, Revis, Harris, Carter would be a fine group of dbacks to take on pats who might make a move for Wallace. Elway may see this as the time to add as many good vet players he can to try and win it this yr and next.

If we signed Steven Jackson, traded for Revis, use the 2nd round pick on Warford if he is there we could improve running game, upfront blocking, and have the best CB tandem in the NFL going into 2013.

We still wouldn't be dominant inside on the front 7 or at safety.
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