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CJ Anderson

I know the source is not the soundest of all that could be trotted out to break this one. I was wondering/hoping Denver would try to make a play for Revis.

I like Harris but he can play Nickle and Champ and Revis can take care of the outside coverages. We could play more bump and run. If we draft a good Safety we would have the best secondary in the league. Find a couple DT's and then trot out Irving or Stevie Johnson and we should be fine on D.

I was wondering if we would start hearing the Broncos being more active now that the salary Cap jumped up $2.4 mill this year. We could sign/tag Clady, sign the Rookies, and now should still have enough scratch to go after a Revis or even Welker. Might need to cut/restructer DJ and make him play Mike to get it done but that would be great.
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