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Originally Posted by HooptyHoops View Post
Bold statement No1! I will stop by the library tomorrow and pick them up! I just got done with the Elvenblood series that you recommended and I enjoyed them...thank you!!
Did you ever get around to the Idlewild books and if so, how'd you like 'em?

Got a Nook for Christmas and have been ransacking the local libraries for ebooks like mad:

"Aftertime" by Sophie Littlefield - Post-apocalyptic zombie story that is a great ride, and I don't much like zombie stories. Part one of a series and I've got the others on deck.

An oldie that's new to me, "Another Fine Myth" by Robert Asprin. Very good, humorous approach to the fantasy genre.

The Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn. CIA/political thrillers, the worst of them is still pretty good. The best are can't-put-downers.

The "Ember" series by Jeanne DuPrau. I've heard the three of the books were combined and made into a muddled, hard to follow movie. Don't know about that, but the books were solid reads. Nothing earth shaking, but solid.

On deck:

The rest of the "Aftertime" books (of course).

Seth Grahame-Smith's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." Both of these come highly recommended to me.

Anything I can get from Robert Rankin. His "Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse" was one of the most entertaining books I've ever read. Laugh out loud funny in many, many places.

And of course, most anything else I can find barring bad westerns and romances.
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