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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Yeah I'm sure your training from 30 years ago would have kept you safe.

Keep up with the ad hominems, though. They're truly precious coming from a guy like you.
There's a reason the Art of War was and is still to this day used as an example of tactics and strategy. Just because the technology/weaponry has changed doesn't change the fact that one well aimed shot is still the deadliest thing on the battlefield, and that foot soldiers still have a major role in warfare......

you said I wasn't trained to shoot anyone inside a dark or dimly lit place with chaos and obstructed vision, tear gas, etc........I posted a video of similar training I received as a Recon Marine to show you that i indeed have been trained to do so on more than several occasions. In fact since we had less technologically advanced weaponry and gear, etc. like night vision goggles, I'd say I'm even more qualified to do so.

Just because you know that you couldn't do it doesn't mean I couldn't do in point, the fact it was a so-called gun free zone, Holmes wouldn't have even considered another person armed coming towards him shooting him....element of surprise...Art of War.....worked back when it was written...still works today.

as for ad started it by calling me a sailor.

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