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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
This is right, and the bolded part is most important. None of these clowns has probably ever been in a situation where they were at the wrong end of a gun barrel so none of them has any idea how they'd react. And chances are they wouldn't react well. It's funny (and a little bit pathetic) how because they own guns they all think they're Jack Bauer. They're not. The odds of them soiling their pants are considerably higher than the odds of them stopping the shooter.
Sure when bullets are whizzing around it gets hairy....but short of actually having someone shoot at you directly not even cops can know what they'd do in a shootout. I've been in live fire training where we had people shooting rounds over our heads, but not directly at us.

But the majority of ex-military and law enforcement people have a certain mentality that says when someone is behaving badly, you don't run away.

Trust me, I hope I never have to use my gun but will not be afraid to do so, regardless if someone else is armed and pointing their gun at me because your taught to react a certain way...but don't take my word for it...ask other veterans and former/current law enforcement people. I'm confident they'll say the same thing that I have.
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