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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Actually I don't anymore...I gave that up a year ago to live the sweet life.

so you tear the tickets now?

And your point was invalid.

no it wasn't....I stated I could kill a guy like Holmes and sleep well afterwards because he's a ****head who deserves to die.

I don't care that you're a former member of the Navy.

USMC, while part of the Dept. of the Navy, it's very different.....not that a p***Y liberal like you would know. I understand all military people wear uniforms, but they're not wouldn't like it if people called you by your sibling's name would you?

You weren't trained to wield a weapon in a dark movie theater, at a midnight show you're really excited to see, in close quarters, with tear gas in your eyes, with a movie still going on, with people running in between your LOS, with an active shooter.

You just weren't.

Umm, yes I was....Dude, as a US Marine I have gone through live fire course with live rounds being fired over our heads as we low crawled and artillery similators going off and smoke and gas grenades going off....we have had night firing exercises, we have had close quarter combat drills.....and have been taught that the deadliest thing on the battlefield is one well aimed shot. So we make sure of our target....every single time. Your ignorance is really showing. Seriously, WTF do you honestly think we did every day...sit around and play cards?

You would have panicked, cowered, hid, fled for your life, and/or been shot just like the rest of them.

You definitely are ignorant....People like you might panic or **** themselves, hide and run...but we Marines are taught to fight/shoot in all kinds of conditions, not to mention hand to hand, with knives, bayonets, etc....we don't back down. You don't understand the mentality of Marines....we never retreat, we never cower in fear, we believe in ourselves because we're wired different than people like yourself. the training kicks in....even now after all these years, it still kicks in. You obviously don't have it in you to understand, which explains your working in a movie theater.

Do you really think that most movie theaters (run by conservative CEO's, mind you) choose to be gun-free zones because of some massive liberal conspiracy? Or do you think that maybe it's because people realize that low lighting and densely packed people don't make it very conducive for a return fire situation? Use your noggin.

So pray tell how that gun free zone sign did to deter the Aurora shooting?

It has nothing to do with them being dimly lit and densely packed or a has to do with property rights.

The owner of the property has the right to restrict who may come onto their property. They don't allow you to bring in alcohol or food/beverages purchased from other establishments's their right as property owners to do so.

In bold....oh, and a video so you can see the kind of training we went through.... we didn't have the night vision goggles attached to our helmets like these guys do (but notice they were using them in the rooms as flash bangs going off will basically make you blind if you were using them) when we did our training back in the day......just because the technology has changed these days, the training hasn't.

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