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Hillman put up 80+ yards filling in after KM went down. He is not going to be a move the pile RB but he is fine as a 3rd down type back.

I don't care if McGhee comes back as long as we get a big RB in the draft to groom to replace him.

I am hoping John can use Bobby Turners metric's to find a solid RB in the mid to late rounds we can use to grind out some games. A Clinton Portis would be nice but this team needs a guy more like MA was. Tough hard hitting smart RB minus the weed blowing.
I agree, but i think the nfl is moving more towards speed backs anyway with the spread offenses becoming all the rage. It's rare that you see an i-formation with a big bruising fullback and running back anymore. Don't get me wrong, you still need a short yardage guy. But I don't think the big bruisers are as valuable anymore
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