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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
The buzz in KC is that Reid and Dorsey know that there is quite a bit of interest in the 1st overall pick.

From what I've heard, the Raiders, Eagles and Browns all love Geno Smith.

I can see a situation where we trade to 4 with the Eagles and pick up a draft pick, still get a great player, and get the chance to screw the Raiders over.

I'd love that if it happened.
OK I just saw the NFL segment where the food critic guy said that Oakland is looking at drafting Smith.

A day or 2 ago they said they were happy restructuring Palmers deal and putting in packages for their supplemental draft pick. I wonder how much of this is BS.

Anyone panicking and making a move up to draft Smith in a draft where the holders of the 1st overall pick made a trade for a Vet rather than pick him is crazy.
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