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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
I'd sign Steven Jackson if his asking price isn't out of simply can't overpay for a RB that will be 30 next season.

He's getting older, but has held up well....and he's built for longevity.

I think he could have 3 more productive seasons, which would coincide well with the 3 or 4 years Denver will have with Peyton Manning.

Jackson runs tough, is a very good receiver out of the backfield, is a better pass blocker than he is given credit for, and is a leader.

I'm sure he really wants to play for a good team that has a chance of winning a Super Bowl.

The Rams haven't had a winning season during his entire career.

I wouldn't expect any 300+ carries and 1400 yard rushing seasons from Steven Jackson.

I'd expect something in the neighborhood of 225 carries and 1,000+ yards, with 40+ receptions, and stellar pass protection.

More than anything, I'd expect him to step it up in the playoffs and not limp off the field when the team needs him the most ala Knowshon Moreno.

I don't see him as a long term solution, but a perfect compliment to Peyton Manning for a nice 3 year Super Bowl run....if he's willing to take a deal in line with the realization that he is a 30 year old RB.
Sounds good to me. I wouldn't be surprised if Elway offered him a contract. They basically have nothing at RB right now, just hopes, prayers, and ST'rs.

They're very thin at RB, and you can't count on the draft to provide all of the depth and competition they need.
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