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Here's a nice link to inform yourself about the terminal ballistics of many different firearms:

here're the results of typical pistol wounds:

Notice they are all single tract wounds, even with hollow point ammunition (hollow point ammo is designed not to fracture like a .223 but to expand -- the point being to make sure the bullet doesn't exit the target which isless desirable (because energy from the shot is therefor wasted)

This is what the bullets look like after being shot:

(as a side note, I always laugh when on a TV show someone get's shot and the 'doctor' pulls a perfectly non-deformed bullet out of the wound).

Here's the result of a .223 hit (both a before and after of the bullet and the wound profile in ballistics gel:

Notice the multiple wound tracts and the fractured projectile that created them.

The takeaway? Putting a hole/through in someone is bad. Shredding their insides with razorblades is a lot worse.
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