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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Price I don't get how you are so concerned about T'eo running a 4.8 40 on the field when Danny Trevathan posted a 4.84 and he is on the field durning the nickel D.
It's well known that Trevathan had a hamstring injury and pulled up during his run, leading to the slow time. I think I must have told you that personally, about a dozen times. Fox acknowledged that same very thing in one of his press conferences.

Plus I know Trevathan is good in coverage (from watching him play). I watched him run in pursuit lockstep with Jamaal Charles during the season, his speed is not what concerns me.

I think the Broncos need another starting-caliber CB far more than they need another LB. I think Trevathan, Irving, and Johnson will progress, and are good enough for the job. I like Te'o, but there are other big needs, him being slow makes the decision easy.

If there are no starting caliber CB's available, a starting Offensive Lineman would be nice, or a playmaking WR.

Out of all the reasons the Broncos lost in the playoffs, sh*tty CB play is tops on the list.
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