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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Don't give me that socialist BS 1% crap. The problem is the corp rate needs a territorial system so corporations like the oil companies, like GE, the few big ones that reap the rewards of the loopholes will have a better incentive to bring offshore profits home to the USA.

You just don't get it because you are wrapped up in thinking Obama is telling you the truth that rich people are the problem. The problem is the president and his anti-energy, anti-corp, anti-rich, anti-small govt agenda.
Dumbass , they go over seas cause they want to pay a poor sap in china $2 a week. The gwb tax cuts were in place 10 ****ing yrs & corp. Shipped jobs overseas by the thousands during that time. Why the **** would you want to reward a corp. For shipping jobs overseas.
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