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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
What is a huge waste at number one is drafting a bust. Lots of those could be had at the top of this draft this year.

The top guards are making just under 10 million a year now. I've already explained this on the board to another poster. Carl Nicks 5 years, 47.5 million dollars with 30 million of that guaranteed. That is the bar now and the injury risk alone is worth paying guards moew then running backs.

Honestly just who do you feel is the best player in this draft not a LT because KC already has one of those?
So Nicks contract is great for a guard, but for a skilled position player, it's pretty average, right? How much is Revis Island wanting again? How much does Manning make in 1 year?

As for who I'd take if I was kc and stuck with the #1 pick? If that DT from Utah wasn't a medical issue, I'd take him, but since he's got that issue I'd probably take Floyd or Maybe Jordan. I'd probably go defense, maybe I'd still take a tackle if I can't get a deal done with Albert.

JMHO of course, we can always agree to disagree.
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