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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Comedy gold. Police and military should be the only ones with access to recoil control? Fed's new gun control proposal. Outlaw civilian gunstocks that are larger than the gun's barrel. Then if you really want, you can still choose to shoot, but it'll probably break your shoulder.
The only comedy gold is that you think the above is something other than a horrible strawman. Idjit.

Oh, and BTW, the main reason an AR-15 lacks a lot of recoil is because .223 is a tiny caliber. You get what your shoulder pays for. Would you ban .22's as well? They kick even less.
A .223 is a small calibre, but the ROUND is much more powerful than a .22. It's more powerful than just about every pistol/revolver (even a hand cannon like a .44 magnum).

Apparently you think calibre is the end all of the power of a round, eh?
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