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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
You and Med are both copping out. I made a list of the top 28 guys in the draft who I would want the Broncos to draft, and gave you the bottom 5 on my list. One of them is guaranteed to be there. If not, they'll get an even better prospect who slips. Trufant and Rhodes are both in my top 20.
It is not a copout. I could give you the list of players I would LIKE (that may be there at #28) but that doesn't mean they will be. As mentioned, the guys I really liked are probably not going to be there anymore. I thought a guy like Rhodes or Trufant would have been the best thing for this team moving forward -- and as you mentioned are probably Top 20 players by now.

FWIW: T'eo and Minter would be on that short list.

Other players I like I will not name right now because they are potential targets of mine with the Bengals in the draft because needs are similar on that team. I don't want to give up hints on players I like and target so people could swoop them up ahead of me. After I am done selecting for the Bengals in round two, I will tell you.

As Med says, and I agree, boards are still very fluid right now. A team that plays heavy zone aren't going to have a guy like Rhodes listed as high as a team who plays man coverage where he excels, etc. Once free agency comes and the Broncos either sign or scrap players, it will change things even more. It is too hard to tell and that is just being honest.
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