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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And your point was invalid. I don't care that you're a former member of the Navy. You weren't trained to wield a weapon in a dark movie theater, at a midnight show you're really excited to see, in close quarters, with tear gas in your eyes, with a movie still going on, with people running in between your LOS, with an active shooter.

You just weren't.

You would have panicked, cowered, hid, fled for your life, and/or been shot just like the rest of them.
This is right, and the bolded part is most important. None of these clowns has probably ever been in a situation where they were at the wrong end of a gun barrel so none of them has any idea how they'd react. And chances are they wouldn't react well. It's funny (and a little bit pathetic) how because they own guns they all think they're Jack Bauer. They're not. The odds of them soiling their pants are considerably higher than the odds of them stopping the shooter.
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