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The fact that you've only experienced conversation with people who aren't aware the the term "automatic" refers to any self loading weapon (not just those that fire multiple rounds per trigger pull) just means you are the one who is "pretty unfamiliar with the topic at hand". Not the other way around.
I didn't say they 'weren't aware' of the technicality. Go back to my quarterback analogy. There was a time back in the early days of the game where the Quarterback was basically just one of the "backs" so it would've made conversational sense back in that day to call him a "back" instead of a "quarterback"

Today, if you called Peyton Manning a "back" everyone would look at you like you're crazy (because you are) even though you're technically correct.

Talking gun control while calling a semi-automatic an automatic is the same deal. Not exactly wrong. Just a bit off.

Your reflexive defensiveness is nothing if not predictable.
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