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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
There is speculation from some reputable draft guru's and people in Twitter land and on various websites that the Chiefs made the trade for Alex Smith because they feel like they have potential suitors for #1 overall. If that is true, they could get back some of what they gave up. Problem is, who is going to move up to #1 in this draft? That is the only way they can salvage the mess they just made.
I think that is the case. I'm sure some teams have had discussions with them already about moving up and floated numbers. I will say I do not expect compensation to be near what Washington gave up last year to move up. But, some GM might fall in love with a player(and trying to save their job) and pony up the picks. We will see how much the Chiefs get. The Chiefs with Dorsey/Reid are in KC for the long haul. All it takes is one desperate team to move up.
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