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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Can't speak for everyone, but I've never heard a semi automatic handgun referred to as anything but semi automatic or semiauto. At least not in conversational terms.

This would be like someone talking football using a phrase like "Two-back set" while counting the QB. Technically correct... but a clear indication that the person speaking is pretty unfamiliar with the topic at hand.
So, John Browning is pretty unfamiliar with the topic at hand eh? So is the U.S. Army? Colt? Tons of gun makers and dealers? Gun clubs?


The fact that you've only experienced conversation with people who aren't aware the the term "automatic" refers to any self loading weapon (not just those that fire multiple rounds per trigger pull) just means you are the one who is "pretty unfamiliar with the topic at hand". Not the other way around.

Just like you couldn't figure out a chart was displaying over a year old data, even though you were expressly told that fact.
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