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Originally Posted by SoDak Bronco View Post
Alec Ogletree...I was really close to picking him to replace Urlacher.
This is what I was scared off and I factored in Lance Briggs being at the tale-end of his career too. With a guy like Ogletree, he could have played ILB or WLB for the Bears. I was absolutely fearful you were going to take him, but give you mad props for taking Austin (and thanks) for passing up Ogletree.

A lot of people are going to go off his Bowl game performance and judge him there, but that is stupid. I also know character concerns are huge, but this guy IS a top 15 talent. He can be an absolute monster and a Pro-Bowl player if he keeps his head on right.

Considering Maulagua and Lawson being starters in FA and the fact that neither really cover well, nor does Burfict, I needed a rangy guy who had speed and athleticism to do that. Ogletree is perfect for it. It also gives me defensive versatility on where I want to play those guys. He can do a lot for the defense.

He was my pick all the way, though I thought maybe I could trade down a bit and get him. I do like a lot of other LB prospects, but none of them on the inside were in my Top 25 besides him -- and since nobody moved up, I had to do what was most logical for the team.

The Bengals are hard to draft for this year considering they have so many high profile players in FA -- about 4 or 5 out of 15 total. So it's hard to try and guess where they will go when nobody has been resigned yet.

Regardless of what anyone says, I'm STOKED with the selection.
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