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Cincinatti Bengals select: Alec Ogletree, LB -- Georgia

It is no surprise to anyone who follows the NFL that the Cincinnati Bengals have no reserves about pulling the trigger on players with character concerns. Pacman Jones, Vontaze Burfict and the late Chris Henry are just several of many players in the league that the Bengals have brought into the fold whose personal and off the field issues have made other coaches, scouts and personnel staff shy from giving them a chance. Alec Ogletree, who recently was arrested for DUI and busted for drugs earlier in the year certainly fits the mold, but there is no doubting his talent on the field.

In my evaluation of Ogletree, I believe I saw one of the most dynamic and explosive players in the draft. He was a Top 15 player on my board based on game play alone, despite the character concerns he brings along with him. He has schematic versatility, the ability to play MIKE in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense, as well as an outside LB in either scheme. He has the athleticism, instincts and ability to play all across the linebacking corps with relative ease. With the Bengals having two starters (Lawson, Maualuga) and two reserves (Skuta, Howard) hitting free agency linebacker was undoubtedly their biggest hole moving forward.

The versatility of Ogletree allows for fluid competition between himself and Burfict at ILB, with their play style being interchangeable for either to be inside or at weakside linebacker. He is a perfect fit for the team and we are extremely proud of his selection.

NationalFootballPost Scouting Analysis:

STRENGTHS - Tremendously well built, Ogletree definitely looks the part of an NFL linebacker. Once he identifies a running play he gets started towards the ball carrier fast, gets to full speed quickly and has elite chase speed to track down plays in pursuit. He has the strength to hold ground versus blockers, can shed and makes tackle. Very smooth and agile, he moves through traffic easily and can avoid blockers surprisingly well. Quick in his pass drops, Ogletree looks natural moving and adjusting out in space. He reads the QB/Pass well, plants, drives and closes fast and has the ball skills to make a play on the ball. Not only effective in zone coverage, he consistently covers TE's/RB's well all over the field in man coverage. He has the combination of skills to be effective playing any linebacker position in any defensive scheme, which adds to his value. Early in his career at Georgia he was an excellent special teams player, so he should be excellent on teams in NFL.

- Ogletree does not consistently read and react to running plays fast. While he usually gets started towards the ball carrier quickly and correctly, he does take false steps more than he should and this is something NFL team can expose so he must improve in this area. Additionally, Ogletree does not sense/feel blocks from the side coming and can often be sealed out of the play by them. More of an issue is that Ogletree has been in trouble two times at Georgia, which raises concerns about his character - As a freshmen he was arrested for theft and suspended for one game and as a junior he was suspended for reportedly failing a drug test. Additionally, his foot needs to check out medically as he missed the first six games of the 2011 season after breaking a bone in his foot during fall training camp.

SUMMARY - Throughout the 2012 season Manti Te'o has been getting talked about as the best inside linebacker in the 2013 Draft, but once I evaluated Georgia's prospects it was clear that Ogletree is definitely a better player. There is also no question that Ogletree has made some bad off-field decisions, which he must convince NFL teams will not be a recurring problem if he wants to be a first round pick. It is hard to find a linebacker who has the strength to take on big blockers strong at the POA, the explosiveness rushing the passer to consistently get pressure, the speed to track down running backs all over the field and the elite coverage skills that Ogletree has, which is why he is such an elite prospect. Overall, I have no doubt that Ogletree will be a first round pick and likely the first inside linebacker taken. If he can take care of his business off the field, I see no reason why he will not become a top shelf NFL linebacker who stays on the field all three downs.
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