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Originally Posted by errand View Post
all that proves is that he still works in a movie theater....

my point was that I could kill a guy like Holmes and not lose any sleep over it once again. ....... but you, being the stupid liberal douche bag that you are, wouldn't have gotten that
Actually I don't anymore...I gave that up a year ago to live the sweet life.

And your point was invalid. I don't care that you're a former member of the Navy. You weren't trained to wield a weapon in a dark movie theater, at a midnight show you're really excited to see, in close quarters, with tear gas in your eyes, with a movie still going on, with people running in between your LOS, with an active shooter.

You just weren't.

You would have panicked, cowered, hid, fled for your life, and/or been shot just like the rest of them.

Do you really think that most movie theaters (run by conservative CEO's, mind you) choose to be gun-free zones because of some massive liberal conspiracy? Or do you think that maybe it's because people realize that low lighting and densely packed people don't make it very conducive for a return fire situation? Use your noggin.
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